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Wall Street Bombing (1920)

On Thursday, September 8, 1920, a horse-drawn wagon filled with dynamite pulled up on Wall Street and exploded, killing 38 people and seriously injuring 143 others. The crime was never solved.

  • FBI
    A Byte Out of History: Terror on Wall Street gives a brief, basic description of what happened that day.
  • Smithsonian Magazine
    In this article, the author gives a more detailed account, using interviews and descriptions of what happened in NY on September 16, 1920.
  • The Street
    In this article, "Previous Terror on Wall Street: A Look at the 1920 Bombing" that Daniel Gross wrote shortly after September 11, he looks at the events of the Wall Street Bombing and the reasons behind it.
  • NY Times
    In "After 1920 Blast, The Opposite Of 'Never Forget'; No Memorials on Wall St. For Attack That Killed 30," the New York Times talks about why the events of September 16, 1920 are important to remember.

Grand Mosque Seizure (1979)

In November and December of 1979, hundreds of Muslims were taken hostage and killed by an extremist group who took control of the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia for two weeks.

  • NPR
    In this radio story (with a written transcript), a reporter from the Wall Street Journal remembers the 1979 siege.
  • Random House
    A photo gallery of pictures from the mosque, compiled by an author who has written a book about the Grand Mosque Seizure.
  • The Siege of Mecca: A Sourcebook for Researchers
    A very quick outline of events from November 20, 1979 in Saudi Arabia.

Pan Am 103 (1988)

In 1988, a transcontinental Pan Am flight blew up over Lockerbie after a suitcase bomb went off, Scotland, killing 270 people.

Iran Hostage Crisis (1979)

In 1979, 52 US Citizens were taken hostage for 444 days in Iran.

  • PBS
    PBS' article on the Iranian Hostage Crisis, how it was dealt with, and the release of the hostages.
  • The History Channel
    An excellent article that talks about the Hostage Crisis in relation to world events & the election.
  • CNN
    A CNN timeline that gives you "fast facts" about the Iranian Hostage Crisis.
  • The White House
    An indepth look at President Carter and the Hostage Crisis put together by the White House Historical Association.

Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)

In 1995, a domestic terrorist bomb went off in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people and injuring 680.

  • Oklahoma City National Memorial
    The official site of the OK City Memorial in honor of the victims from 1995.
  • The History Channel
    A multitude of information from the History Channel on the OK City Bombing.
  • FBI
    The FBI's site on the events that took place in Oklahoma City in 1995.

The Unabomber (1995)

Between 1978 and 1995, Ted Kaczynski mailed bombs across the nation, stumping the FBI.

  • FBI
    The FBI's fascinating look at how difficult it was to catch the Unabomber.
  • Biography
    The Biography Channel gives an overview of Kaczynski's life.
  • The Crime Museum
    The Crime Museum digs in deep to look at the Unabomber case.

Centennial Olympic Park Bombing (1996)

In 1996, Eric Rudolph set off a pipe bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, killng two and injuring 100.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts gives a brief overview & timeline of the Atlanta, Georgia bombing.
  • The History Channel
    "On This Day" from The History Channel talks about the Centennial Park Bombings, as well as other domestic terrorist attacks Eric Rudolph committed.
  • NY Times
    The New York Times gives an overview of the 1996 Olympic bombing.
  • Crime Library
    The Crime Library, from Time Warner, gives an interesting article on everything you need to know about the Olympic bombs and Eric Rudolph.

USS Cole (2000)

On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was attacked while refueling off the coast of Yemen. Seventeen US sailors were killed; 39 injured.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts on the events of October 12, 2000.
  • ABC News
    ABC News dedicates an entire page to pictures, video, and articles on the USS Cole bombing.
  • FBI
    The FBI's brief summary on the USS Cole Bombing.

Bali, Indonesia Nightclub Bombing (2002)

In October of 2002, 202 people from around the world were killed while 240 were injured in a Bali nightclub bombing.

  • BBC
    BBC News gives an excellent overview of the Bali bombing plot.
  • BBC On this Day
    BBC's "On This Day" overview of the 2002 Bali bombings.

Philippines Super Ferry Bombing (2004)

In 2004, 116 people were killed in a Manila, Philippines ferry bombing.

  • BBC News
    The BBC News article on the events in Manila.

London Underground Bombings (2005)

In 2005, 4 bombs went off on the London Underground, killing 4 suicide bombers, 52 people, and injuring 700 others.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts about the London Underground Bombings.
  • BBC
    BBC News gives everything you need to know about the Underground bombings here.

Mumbai Trains (2006)

In 2006, seven bombs exploded on the Mumbai train system, killing 209 people and injuring 700 more.

  • NY Times
    The 2006 NY Times news article that reports on the Mumbai Train Attacks.
  • BBC News
    The BBC News' in depth look at the Mumbai train attacks.
  • CNN
    CNN's reports on the attacks of Mumbai trains in 2006, including timelines.

Nigerian Girls Kidnapping (2014)

In 2014, over 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by a brutal Nigerian terrorist group.

  • ABC News
    ABC News' site gives thorough information on the Nigerian Girl Kidnapping Crisis.
  • USA Today
    USA Today's article "Terrorists Kidnap More Than 200 Nigerian Girls."
  • NBC News
    NBC News' full coverage of the Nigerian kidnapping crisis.

Munich Massacre (1972)

At the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, Germany, a Palestinian Terror Group, Black September, took 11 Israeli athletes hostage, eventually killing them all. 

  • CNN
    The Munich Massacre: A Survivor's Story.
  • Life Magazine
    Terror at the Olympics: Munich, 1972 gives pictures of the events.
  • History Channel
    In this 4 minute video, the History Channel gives you a quick overview of the events leading up to and around the murders of the Israeli athletes.
  • This Day in History (the History Channel)
    This brief article gives a description of the events that took place on September 5, 1972 in Munich at the Olympic Games.
  • The Independent
    This British news article give an indepth look at the Munic Massacre events.
  • ABC News
    This is actual news footage from September 16, aired by ABC News.

Patty Hearst (1974)

In 1974, Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the SLA, a domestic terrorism unit, and brainwashed into becoming a terrorist herself.

  • FBI
    The FBI gives an excellent account of one of their most bizarre and sensational cases.
  • Crime Library
    The Crime Library's in depth look at Patty Hearst's kidnapping and eventual joining of the SLA, a domestic terrorism organization.
  • CNN
    CNN looks at Patty Hearst then and now.
  • Biography
    The Biography Channel gives an overview of Patty Hearst's life, including her brief and bizarre time spent with the SLA.

Beirut Barracks Bombing (1983)

In 1983, 299 American and French servicemen died when 2 truck bombs went off near their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.

  • USA Today
    A 2013 news article remembers the 1983 barrack attacks.
  • CNN
    Here is a look at what you need to know about the 1983 bombing at a Marine compound in Beirut Lebanon that killed 241 U.S. service personnel.
  • Naval History Blog
    Gives a detailed outline of the events from the Beirut Barracks Bombing.
  • CBS
    From CBS, the original news broadcast on October 23, 1983.
  • This Day in History (the History Channel)
    This Day in History gives a brief overview of the 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing.

World Trade Center Truck Bombing (1993)

In February of 1993, Middle Eastern terrorists planted a bomb in the parking garage below the World Trade Center, killing six and injuring over 1,000.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts gives you a quick rundown of the events from February 26, 1993.
  • FBI
    The FBI's website that gives information about the WTC 1993 bombing.
  • This Day in History (the History Channel)
    This Day in History gives an overview of what we know happened in the World Trade Center 1993 bombing.
  • History Channel
    The History Channel gives the history of the WTC buildings, including attacks made on the building.
  • 1993 WTC Bombing Documentary
    A 44 minute documentary that has footage and interviews survivors of the bombing.

Bombay Bombings (1993)

In 1993, 13 explosions took place in Bombay (which is now named Mumbai), India, killiing350 people and injuring 1200 people.

  • IBN
    CNN's Indian Syndicate gives an overview of the Bombay Bombings.
  • BBC
    The BBC gives an outline of the 1993 Bombay Bombings.

Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack (1995)

In 1995, a religious group released a chemical weapon on a Tokyo subway, killing 12 and injuring 5000.

  • NY Times
    Terror in Tokyo: The Overview. An actual newspaper account of the sarin attack as published in the New York Times in 1995.
  • The History Channel
    An interesting On This Day in History article on the events of March 20, 1995.
  • The Crime Museum
    The Crime Museum's page on the Tokyo subway attack using sarin.
  • Lessons Learned Video
    A five minute video that gives excellent, indepth information on the Tokyo attacks.

US Embassy Attacks in Kenya & Tanzania (1998)

In 1998, US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania introduced Americans to al Quaeda.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts gives a timeline to the events and the US response to the terror attacks on US African Embassies.
  • BBC
    BBC's On This Day gives an overview of the 1998 events in Africa.
  • PBS: Frontline
    PBS Frontline gives a copy of the FBI Executive Summary from the 1998 embassy attacks.
  • The History Channel
    On This Day from the History Channel gives a quick overview of US Embassy attacks in 1998.

Anthrax--Washington DC (2001)

One week after September 11, anthrax was mailed to news media organizations and two senators, killing five people and infecting seventeen more.

  • FBI
    The FBI's overview of what they call "Amerithrax."
  • ABC
    An ABC News affiliate gives a helpful timeline of the Anthrax attacks and investigations.
  • PBS Frontline
    Frontline's documentary on Anthrax attacks in 2001.
  • CDC
    The Center for Disease Control gives helpful information about what anthrax is and how it works.
  • NPR
    NPR's succinct & helpful timeline of how the anthrax terror attacks unfolded.

Madrid Train Bombing (2004)

On March 11, 2004, ten bombs exploded on Madrid trains, killing 191 people and injuring 1800 more.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts gives you quick, easy-to-understand timeline of the events.
  • BBC
    The BBC News' article on the March 11, 2004 events.
  • ABC News
    The original ABC News report from March 11, 2004.

Sadr City Bombs (2006)

In 2006, six car bombs and mortar attacks occured throughout Sadr City, killing 215 and injuring 257 more.

  • BBC News
    The BBC News' site on the Sadr attacks.
  • NY Times
    The NY Times article from the 2006 Iraq bombings.

Karachi Bombing (2007)

In October of 2007, 139 people were killed when the Taliban set off a series of bombs in Karchi, Pakistan, targeting former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto upon her return home from exile.

  • BBC
    The BBC's South Asia news gives the details about the attack on Prime Minister Bhutto.
  • New York Times
    The NY Times' article from October 18, 2007, "Bomb Attack Kills Scores in Pakistan as Crowds Celebrate Bhutto’s Return."
  • ABC News
    Video footage & reporting on the 2007 Karachi bombings from ABC News.
  • The Long War Journal
    A Project of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies gives a detailed account of the attack in Karachi on Benazir Bhutto's motor brigade.

Boston City Marathon Bombing (2013)

In 2013, two explosions went off, killing three people and seriously injuring 264 other runners and onlookers.

  • CNN
    CNN's Fast Facts on the Boston Marathon Bombing.
  • ABC News
    ABC's extensive coverage of the events in Boston in 2013.
  • The History Channel
    The History Channel's page that gives thorough coverage of the events.
  • The Boston Globe
    The Boston Globe's coverage of its home-city bombings.

Malaysia MH17 (2014)

In July of 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine, killing 238 passengers and 15 crew.

  • BBC
    The BBC gives exhaustive coverage of Malaysia MH17.
  • USA Today
    USA Today's dedicated page to the downed Flight MH17.
  • The Guardian
    The Guardian's in depth overview of Malaysia Flight MH17.
  • CNBC
    A timeline of the events involving MH17.

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